About Our Business

The Niger-Delta Directory is a comprehensive guide to
shopping, general business needs, employment,
hiring, advertisement, legal consultation,medicare,
lodging/accommodation, local news, fellowship,
personals and so on.

The directory is more than just yellow pages; it is an
on-line encyclopedia of Warri, Effurun,Udu, Otokutu
Plantation, Jeddo, in short, all parts of the Delta City
conurbation and surrounding/ near-by cities and
towns. It covers anything worth knowing something

Just a click and you have a list of the best mechanics
for your kind of car, just a click and you have a variety
of competent engineers/artisans to expertly handle
your building for you. The directory allows you choose
to buy only authentic drugs from certified pharmacists
in town, know what clinic specializes in what, which
lawyer to consult, what boutique to go pick up your
dresses at and even what friends are eager to contact
you in your very locality (Discover that what you have
been looking for in Sokoto is right here in your
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