Services We Provide
We offer a comprehensive list of major proprietorships and
institutions in the Niger-Delta of Nigeria, especially the Delta City
core area of Warri, Effurun, Ekpan, Ovwian-Aladja, Delta Steel
Complex, Otokutu Plantation and environs.

To enlist your business, personal information, notices or
advertisements, either e-mail your basic details (name, location,
telephone numbers, Yahoo!, Hotmail or any other internet ID) to or fill the Contact Us Form
provided and submit.

You can opt to provide additional information about your business
such as:

in fact, just about anything that can promote you to interested
persons in the Warri area, Delta, Nigeria and the world at large.

We also upload pctures of missing persons or details of
snatched cars.

Applicants and job seekers or potential employers can upload
vital infromation about self or enterprise.

Persons wanting friends can also provide cell phone numbers
and other details, with or without pixes, subject to verification.

We can be reached at Tefasons Internet, 14 Effurun/Sapele Road,
Enerhen Junction, Effurun (three-storey building named Jeremi
House, now housing the Human Rights office) to ensure that your
information is uploaded in a matter of hours or few days, as the
case may be, after processing of request.

Try our services and get the long-awaited magic touch in your
affairs. Get linked to a wide variety of friends, clients and customers
who did not even know before that you existed. Register your
presence internationally now as you take this small but very big

Materials adjudged, in our sole discretion, to be offensive or
capable of causing a breach of the peace will not be accepted.

While we try our best to ascertain the authenticity of information
provided before publication, the nigerdeltadirectory declines liability
for information or misinformation provided by subscribers. The
mere acceptance of our invitation by subscibers,covertly or overtly,
to have their information or information purported to be from them
uploaded will be deemed to fully indemnify
and her agents and associates from whatever unintended
damages result from such upload.

All objectionable materials must be officially brought to our notice
for prompt editing or deletion.
company goals and objectives
nature of your services, recent stock,
photograph of yourself or premises,
hobbies, likes and dislikes
awards, staff lists and strength