My Savoiur the Lord Jesus Christ’s Goodness and Mercy in my Life

For he saith to Moses, ‘I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I   
will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not     
of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of the Lord God that  
showeth mercy.

                                                                            Romans 9: 15 & 16.

I was born on the 2nd of July 1923 by born-again Christian parents at Ivrogbo-Irri
in Isoko Local Government Area of Delta State of Nigeria. I finished my teacher-
training education at Ebu, Owerri in 1943 and had my first babies in 1944. This is
a brief account of a number of divine intimations that I have had throughout my
life and which are clear evidence of God’s merciful presence in my life.


It was in the year 1945. It was a very clear dream in which I found myself standing
at the Ivrogbo riverside, at the side where women bathe. I was facing the red-mud
side where men took their bath. As I stood looking, I suddenly beheld an angel
standing in the air. When he saw me looking at him, he raised the hymn, ‘Do no
sinful action’ in the Isoko language:

Ru ovware uyoma ha
Ta eme ofu hu
Aka oka ho uzou ra
Oka omo Jesu

Do no sinful action
Speak no angry word
A seal is placed on your head
The seal of a child of Jesus

As he sang, a multitude of heavenly hosts suddenly appeared beside him and
joined in the singing. When they finished the first stanza, they then began the
second as they ascended into heaven. A cloud received them, and then I woke up.


In 1956 when I was pregnant, I asked the Lord in a dream the name I should call
the child when it was born. The Lord answered ‘Felicia or Felix’, so when the child
was born I named him Felix since it was male.


At the time, I was in the habit of taking ground tobacco (snuff). I had just given
birth to my son Felix (Ovie) and was enjoying my maternity leave one afternoon at
about 4-5 p.m. As I was sitting in the verandah pouring the tobacco stuff into my
mouth the Lord spoke to me audibly. The sound of His voice lifted me from the
ground. He said, in the Isoko language:

Rebecca, Rebecca! Wo te gwolo ria akpo na to, se utaba na ememera. Meaning:

Rebecca, Rebecca! If you want to live long in this world, take the tobacco sparingly

I then jumped up and moved quickly to the parlour, knelt down and promised
giving it up totally.  


This was a sort of vision or clear dream. I was lying down facing up. As I looked
upwards I saw the sky moving and making a noise, like that of distant thunder.
The colour of the sky was bluish but mixed with other colours. As I continued
gazing at the sky, a loud voice from heaven spoke clearly to me in Isoko:

Ede ogba gbe ovo amarai July afao uko nana se Irebecca


On the 31st day of July was this parcel wrapped and sent to Rebecca

Then I saw a big parcel, bigger than a football, descend from the sky and fall on
the bed by my right side. I took the parcel but immediately exclaimed ‘Ote maho
ome yo!’ (meaning ‘It is going to burn me-o!’) and threw it away. But because the
parcel was not hot, after a moment I told someone standing by in a corner to give
me the parcel. He picked it up and gave it to me. As I held it, the parcel changed
into a very beautiful multi-coloured small bucket. I held the beautiful bucket in my
hands admiring it and said, ‘Ri oware no me je ti kuku fie-e!’ meaning ‘Oh! Look at
the thing I was going to throw away’. I was pregnant at the time of the dream. On
the 31st day of July, I gave birth to Israel, my last-born.


When Augustine, my first born, was a final-year H.S.C. student at Ado-Ekiti and
came on holidays at Warri, he took ill suddenly. It was so serious that he was
rushed to Eku Hospital by Uncle Chief Akiri and I was sent for by Mr. Ikpidiama at
Ivrogbo. The illness was diagnosed as typhoid fever in its last stages, for, said the
doctor, the intestines were perforated. I was desperate, so I sent to Evangelist
Adam Igbudu to pray for my son.

During the critical time in the hospital, Augustine dreamt a dream. In the dream he
saw himself by a riverside and lying critically ill. Then he saw a group of people
planning how they could go and throw him into the river. As the plan was going
on, he saw the Lord Jesus Christ come to him and place a white sword on his
belly. The people started coming and because he was too weak to stand and run,
he merely frowned at the people. There and then, the sword got up and fought
the people and they all fell into the river and were drowned.

A second group emerged, and a third group also, trying to throw him into the
river, but they all met the same fate: they fell into the river and were drowned. The
sword rested on his belly after each fight. Then he woke up. This is how he was
miraculously healed from the illness. This baffled the doctors and nurses at Eku
Hospital, for they said that they did not understand why Augustine lived. Praise,
Praise, Praise the Lord. A-A-Alleluia.


In 1966, the day the coup took place in Nigeria, I was on my way to Lagos to meet
a woman of God for prayers so that Augustine be cured of the stroke that the
enemy attacked him with. That day, people were not allowed to drive into Lagos,
so we trekked from Ikorodu to Surulere. My son was prayed for and he got his


In 1967, Augustine sent me a telegram of his impending expulsion from the
University of Ibadan within seven days because of non-payment of school fees.
This was his last session in the University. I then went into the house, lifted up the
telegram to God and prayed this prayer:

‘My Father in heaven, answer the telegram.
(1) You know I have no penny having a hole with me.
(2) There is no hope of getting to borrow from anybody
(3) My hope looks up to You and You alone.     

That night I saw and heard heavenly hosts singing the following song to me in the
Isoko language:

Ozo odhe uyoma ure no
Eva evete jome veve
Maki irui ovie udhubro
Ariri rai no.

I felt coolness all over my body. Then I opened my eyes and woke up.
The English translation is:

Fear of evil is no more
My mind has become thoroughly clear
Even the tears of panic-weeping
Have been wiped away.

As it happened, Governor Samuel Ogbemudia was used of the Lord Almighty to
send money to Ibadan University to cover the school fees of all Bendelites that
were to be sent away on account of owing fees. When the list was compiled,
Augustines’s name was number one on the list. Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord. A-


In 1968, I dreamt that I was in an orthodox church during a service. I saw Michael
Marioghae in front, near the pulpit, with Rev. M. Okerri who was sort of praising
him. All of a sudden I found myself with Michael Marioghae and some others in a
line outside, backing the church building and singing:

I believe in God the Father
I believe in God the Son
I believe in God the Holy Ghost
And the world that never ends.

That same time and year, in a Sunday morning service at the school chapel I had
a clear vision. On entering the chapel I knelt down to pray. All of a sudden, as I
closed my eyes, the Heavens were opened and I saw a woman supposed to have
departed this life kneeling in front of the Lord Jesus Christ who sat on a cloud
(white cloud). She was being welcomed by Him. The woman knelt before the Lord
as He embraced and welcomed her.

I asked people who came from home whether there was any death and they told
me that two Christian women; Mrs Esther Akpo and Mrs Dorah (nee Erivwo)
passed away.

That same year I was healed of bad eyesight and I read without glasses to the
glory of God to this day, in Jesus name.


In 1970/71, there was a general confession of sins by the whole Holy Spirit
Church (Olezi) Oleh branch. I then confessed all my (known) sins. In one of those
days, in my dream, I heard a voice saying:

Today the hob has been removed from your neck
(Nene na a si ogege na no owhe uzou)

I saw the hob with my eyes. Then all of a sudden, I heard the Angelic Choir
singing in the vernacular (Isoko language)

Omamo ede no me ro rowo
Ono siome no whu k’ome
Ufori no eva me eghogho
Ta eme oghogho rie ke awho re

Omamo ede, omamo ede
No Jesu ofa eyoma me no
Owure ome, me roro he le
Mere ghogho kede kede
Omamo ede, emamo ede
No Jesu ofa eyoma me no

I then woke up.

The English version of the song is: O happy day when Jesus washed my sins
away. It was the first stanza and the chorus that were sung to me.


1978 in Lagos, I was looking for the National Constitution to give to Chief Edward
Onewhokhae who had asked for it. It was on Thursday morning. I had prpared to
go to a Deeper Life bible study. Suddenly, I heard an Authoritative voice calling
‘Rebecca, Rebecca, do not take part in other people’s sins’.

From inside of me, a voice asked back,

‘What of Monica?’

The authoritative voice replied,

‘That is her profession’.

When I told Monica what the Lord told me, she withdrew from taking part in the


In 1982, my father died in the night. There was no money on me. I was very
worried what I was going to do to get money to organize the burial ceremony. After
praying I lay down to sleep. In my dream that night, I heard this song being sung
to me:

The Great provider
The Great provider
The Great provider
The Great provider
He will surely provide for me
The Great provider.

At break of day and onwards, the Almighty God moved greatly in the hearts of
people and the money, cows, goats, fish, bags of rice, yams, cartons of milk,
sugar, bread, tins of groundnut oil, tins of palm oil, bags of salt etc provided by
the Great Provider supplied by His riches in glory, made my father’s burial one of
the most glorious in the whole of Isoko. Food and everything was surplus. We had
to give both cooked and uncooked food to people after the burial, begging them
to help finish the food to avoid waste. Praise, praise, praise the Lord. A-A-Alleluia.


My mother passed away in the early hours of the morning, about 2.00 a.m.
Rachael, my immediate junior sister, and I decided to go immediately to inform the
Igheles who lived in Oni Street, G.R.A. Benin City. We started off between 2.15 a.
m. and 2.30 a.m. from No. 72 Ekenwan Road, on foot. We took Stadium Road.
Immediately we passed the bad spot where there was water, a tall man emerged
from the bush with a cutlass in his hand. He came to the middle of the road,
brushed the cutlass on the coal-tarred road, causing sparks to fly. He then made
a circle on the road around himself and stood with the cutlass held high in his
hand, ready to strike.

Thereupon, we started shouting ‘Jesus’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Jesus’ non-stop as we walked
towards him with our hands lifted up high to God. He repeated the brushing of the
cutlass on the coal-tarred road with fire coming out and faced us, to strike. When
we got to him, as we shouted ‘Jesus’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Jesus’ non-stop, he lowered his
hand, with the cutlass and asked us,

‘Where are you going?’.

‘Oni mai owhu no. Our mother is dead. We are going to G.R.A. to inform our
children’, we replied.

Then the man said, ‘You can go’.

Without stopping for a moment we passed on, not ever looking backward. Praise
the Lord for delivering us from sudden and instant death. Praise, Praise, Praise
the Lord. A-A-Alleluia.


It was February 1996. Papa Idahosa sent a message from America that I should
pack into the Matron’s accommodation, and I did so. The very first night I slept in
the house, at about 2.30 a.m. I woke up hearing loud melodious and joyous
singing seemingly from the girls’ hostel. It seemed the boys in their hostel later
joined in the singing. The whole area was agog with singing. I sat up on the bed
for sometime, listening to the singing and thinking within me that the students
were getting ready for the morning devotion. For a long time, the singing
continued. This is the chorus they sang:

You are worthy Lord  
You are worthy Lord
You are worthy Lord
You are worthy Lord
El Shaddai etc.

When the singing stopped, I thought the students had all gone to the Church, so I
got up and went there. I met three persons with Mrs. Alegbe, doing an ‘all-night’. I
sat in the Church for a long time without seeing any student, so I went back to the
house and slept. In the morning, I asked to know why there was such joyous
singing. Nobody said they heard the singing and the nanny explained that it would
have been spiritual singing, especially as I said that the whole compound was
filled with the singing.

During times of trouble the Lord usually visited me, reassuring me that He was
with me and that I should not be afraid. The following are just a few of the

1)        I was in a vision, in the day time. I heard angelic hosts singing a song
which ran thus:

Satan is fighting, but the Holy Spirit has taken over the place and the whole
                                                                     (repeated several times)

The song had an ending that looked like ‘Alleluia’. The song was sung for a long
time over the sky. I was enjoying it and thinking how I would learn and teach it
when I came out of the vision, remembering only the song.

2)        On another occasion, in a dream, a line of teenage children, mostly boys,
were marching with this song (in the Ibo language) to the beat of drums:

Onwenuro oyi di ka Jesus
Onwero o fu e fu

I took part in the singing and marching, and then woke up. The English version of
the song is:

There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus,
No not one, no not one.

3)        The Holy Spirit has been singing this song to me repeatedly in the dream:

Ogaga uwhu uru utho rai no
Reko Kristi oye okparobo
Ivie wha va dede oghogho
Alleluia, Alleluia

In English:

The power of death has done its worst
But Christ is the victor
Please shout and make a noise of gladness
Alleluia, Alleluia


I have had countless prophetic messages through the mouths of children of God
with the word of knowledge. Many of these have been about my being persecuted
and about my afflicted children and how God has promised to be my defence and
their refuge. Some of the Scriptural verses given me in such instances are Exodus
14:14 and Psalm  32: 8:

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to keep still (16th July, 2000)

I will instruct and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye
upon you.
(11th June 2001)