Canto I:        I Remember Years Past
Canto II:        Dark Waters        
Canto III:       Hush of Sun        
Canto IV:       Not Room Enough
Canto V:        Lord, By Thy Mercy
Canto VI:       When Moses Delays Descent  
Canto VII:      Voids Vast Voids        
Canto VIII:      Evening: Four Square Walls     
Canto IX:       Tick-tock Tick-tock        
Canto X:        Memories of Little Leona        
Canto XI:         Sister Stella
Canto XII:        Blest Be The Tie        
Canto XIII:       Inaudible Cries of Pain        
Canto XIV:      I Gave My Life to You        
Canto XV:       I Remember Gethsemane       
Canto XVI:      In The Stillness of Night        
CantoXVII:      WearilyHeavilyTheyTrudgeOn
Canto XVIII:     Howl, Howl, Howl
Canto XIX:       Still Small Voice
Canto XX:        In The Dusky Evening

The Adamic Verses